Go Inside the Seafood Industry with the Global Seafood Market Conference Blog: US market awash with protein

IntraFish is reporting live from the US National Fisheries Institute Global Seafood Market Conference in San Diego. Keep checking back for all the latest.

Wednesday, Jan. 16, 3:47 pm - Where have all of the lobsters gone?

Owen Kenney, a sales and business development manager with Downeast Specialty Products, said this year was unprecedented for Canada's lobster processors due to the lack of raw material. Where did all of the lobsters go? There were a number of factors contributing to the tight market, including challenging weather for Canada's largest lobster fishing areas (LFAs) in Nova Scotia, along with a takeover of the raw material by live trade shippers, he said. For Canada, that live product mostly went to China. --Rachel Sapin

Wednesday Jan. 16, 2:45 pm - Demise of the can

Five years from now, canned seafood, particularly tuna, will decline, giving way to pouch and ready-to-eat products. Projections are for double-digit growth for pouch and ready-to-eat. The items are growing because they fit the consumer trends of portability, accessibility and snacking. -- John Fiorillo

Wednesday Jan. 16, 11:48 am PST - Seafood storytime

Australis, Open Blue, Verlasso all have epic stories to tell when it comes to how they farm fish. Storytelling is critical in the supermarket business, a panelist with Hannaford Supermarkets said in relation to determining whether or not a product is premium. Our No. 1 seller is the farm-raised salmon, she said.

"We have a two-tier product, a conventional and a locally-raised product that has a story, and we tell the story loudly through videos and weekly flyers," she added. Educating foodservice to tell that story quickly is also challenging, a panelist with Beaver Street Fisheries said. But data is helping change that. Consumers are able to actually do more of the research themselves versus just relying on the industry to educate them, he said. --Rachel Sapin

Tuesday, Jan. 15 3:23 PST -- Pollock is not too sexy for its shirt yet

Despite industry analysts at GSMC saying in 2017 it was time to "sexify" Alaskan pollock, two years later, pollock remains unsexy. That's despite several innovations in product forms, according to NFI. -- Rachel Sapin

Tuesday, Jan. 15 3:12 pm PST -- GSMC grades itself

This year marks NFI's seventh GSMC seafood conference, and NFI used part of its opening plenary to reflect on each of those conferences. The organization noted it started its first conference in a Trump-owned hotel and is now hosting a conference that is all about Trump. -- Rachel Sapin

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