GE expanding wind energy offshoot with 100 jobs at Michoud site

LM Wind Power, a subsidiary of GE, is bringing a wind turbine testing center to the NASA Michoud complex in New Orleans East. The expansion includes hiring 100 people and converting an existing building on the campus that was most recently used as a movie sound stage.


LM Wind Power CEO Duncan Berry joined Louisiana Economic Development Secretary Don Pierson and other leaders on Thursday (Nov. 8) to announce the expansion at an event inside the research facility. The ceiling towered several stories overhead and equipment used to make the lightweight composite materials in wind turbine blades sat nearby.

Berry noted the Michoud facility and its 50 existing employees fit into a global network of LM Wind Power offices employing more than 10,000 people. Michoud, with its ample space, advanced equipment and ready workforce, plays a key role as the company seeks to build larger, more efficient blades.

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