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Florida gets ‘D’ in protecting beaches from coastal erosion, climate change

Florida thrives on beach tourism, which generates $55 billion a year in sales. But, a nationwide report from the non-profit, Surfrider Foundation, gave Florida a ‘D’ rating when it comes to protecting beaches from coastal erosion and climate change.

The biggest impediment to our environmental problem in SWFL is red tide. It is currently creeping back towards Collier County beaches after a brief interlude. But, Gov. Ron DeSantis’ recent executive order aims to keep gulf coast beaches looking beautiful.

The order allocates $2.5 billion over the upcoming four years to protect the Everglades and our water. DeSantis is also looking for a “clean start” after asking the South Florida Water Management Board to resign.

One beach owner said the extent of this past year might have been the wake-up call SWFL needed to spark change.

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