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Floating Paradise: Denmark to Build Nine Artificial Islands Off Copenhagen Coast

The Danish government has teamed up with Greater Copenhagen mayors to build nine artificial islands near the coast of Copenhagen to rejuvenate land space for sustainable industries and leisure.

The project, titled Holmene (the Islets) is the brainchild of Urban Power architecture and planning, whom plan to reshape the Danish coastline with 3mn square metres of mixed-purposed islands used for commercial spaces, fossil-free energy production, flood barrier relief, and a massive public nature zone. Holmene will also host Northern Europe's largest Waste-to-Energy plant and provide spaces for wind energy and local wildlife.

Construction on the Holmene project will be located 10km (6.2 mles) south of Copenhagen, and will be the largest land reclamation project in Scandinavia. Architects have commissioned roughly 26mn cubic meters of surplus soil from prior subway and building projects to build the artificial islands.

Urban Power expects to begin construction in 2022 and complete the project in 2040, with a budget of roughly €425mn (£379.5mn). Builders will shape the islands one at a time and open the first one in six years' time.

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