FL - US Treasury Approves RESTORE Plan For Beulah Master Plan, Century Wastewater Plant, Eleven Mile Creek Restoration And Other Projects

The U.S. Treasury Department has approved Escambia County’s plan for 11 RESTORE funding projects totaling $15.8 million.

Escambia County staff will begin submitting the individual project grant applications to the U.S. Treasury Department for final approval and release of funds.

Projects include:

Beulah Master Plan
$300,000 to develop a master plan for the Beulah area

Escambia County will procure the services of an urban/land-use planning firm to develop a master plan for approximately 30,000 acres in the Beulah community of Escambia County. The master plan will be based on the University of West Florida HAAS Center Citizen Survey, an existing conditions analysis, technical analysis, and on stakeholder engagement and community participation.

The Beulah Master Plan will establish a vision for allowing for the continued growth in the area while preserving the quality of life and sense of place enjoyed by the current residents. The final deliverable will be a master plan and/or zoning overlay district and implementation plan, dependent on the technical guidance provided by the procured consultant and concurrence provided by Escambia County Developmental Services staff.

The Beulah community has experienced extensive growth resulting from improved economic conditions and the expansion of Navy Federal Credit Union’s Beulah campus, which is expected to employ over 10,000 people by 2022. Subdivision development orders in Beulah have increased exponentially, with 7,000 residences permitted for development since 2010. Beulah does not currently have a master plan nor zoning overlay district to effectively plan or manage growth. Development of the Beulah Master Plan will balance the highest and best land uses of the subject area with the needs of the County, region, and the Beulah community in creating a plan for sustaining growth while preserving the character of the community.


Town of Century Wastewater Improvements
$500,000 to design and permit repairs to Century’s failing wastewater treatment facility

The wastewater treatment and collection system has fallen into disrepair as the town has struggled financially for the last decade to keep pace with maintenance and replacement activities.

Direct Component funds will be utilized to fund planning, design, and permitting associated with wastewater treatment and collection system improvements, including lift station, treatment plant, and piping repairs and replacements.

The Florida Department of Environmental Protection (FDEP) has strict requirements for the proper operation and maintenance of the utility system, and Century is responsible for meeting these requirements. Funding design and permitting of wastewater treatment and collection system improvements will allow the town to work with FDEP to secure funding to implement the improvements from the State’s Revolving Loan Fund as a rural, disadvantaged community.

Eleven Mile Creek Restoration
$1,268,800 to for improvements along the creek

The Eleven Mile Creek Stream Restoration project will provide expansion of the creek’s buffers, restore natural habitat, and improve water quality in Eleven Mile Creek and Perdido Bay. Additionally, it will mitigate coastal flooding, protect valuable public infrastructure, and repair existing nonfunctional stormwater infrastructure.

Restoration and expansion of the floodplain, restoration of wetlands, reduction in invasive species, and reestablishment of riparian buffers will increase wildlife habitats as well as provide flood protection for Bristol Park, Bristol Creek, and Ashbury Hills neighborhoods and surrounding areas. With a 40 acre floodplain expansion, an estimated 160 homes will be protected from flooding.

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