FL - University of Miami aims test program at Miami Beach shoreline

A University of Miami interdisciplinary team is seeking permits from the State of Florida and US Army Corps of Engineers to deploy three “hybrid” structures in waters off Miami Beach to gather evidence on how best to protect the shoreline from damaging wave energy.

This effort is part of the ongoing “Identifying, prioritizing, and validating green infrastructure approaches to enhance coastal resilience” study, which the UM team began in 2017. The study has received $350,000 from the university’s “U-Link” program over three years, and will continue to receive funds for the next three years from the National Fish and Wildlife Foundation.

The research team – faculty and research associates Andrew Baker, Sonia Chow, Brian Haus, Diego Lirman, Jyotika Ramaprasad, Landolf Rhode-Barbarigos, Jane Carrick and Mohammad Ghiasian – has collaborated with the Sustainability and Resiliency Department of the City of Miami Beach, as well as University of California Santa Cruz researchers Borja Reguero and Mike Beck.

Ms. Carrick, a research associate who is a project manager for the study, told Miami Today that her team’s goal is to find out how to best utilize a combination of manmade infrastructure and natural elements to protect the Miami coastline from wave damage and protect natural habitats.

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