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FL - U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Plan to Protect Miami-Dade Coast From Flooding and Storm Surge Ongoing

The Army Corps of Engineers is working on a project to fortify the Miami-Dade County coast from sea level rise and storm surge.

The project is in dispute, particularly their idea of a large concrete flood wall. At stake are billions of dollars, but local leaders are continuing to work to find a balance.

“Elevating about 5800 structures and flooding proofing some 4600 non-residential commercial buildings,” explained U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Norfolk District Commander Col. Patrick Kinsman.

One sticking point has been a proposed flood wall running parallel to Miami’s waterfront, a looming concrete structure that some local city and business leaders have argued would sink property values.

At a recent Miami City Commission meeting, new renderings presented to the Army Corps of Engineers showcased an alternative vision; a hybrid approach with lower walls paired with nature-based solutions.

“That looks like a great presentation,” said Col. Kinsman “I don’t think the islands are going to stop the storm surge.”

City commissioners Manolo Reyes and Ken Russell pushed back, working to ensure the Army Corps of Engineers would place in writing that they are open to alternatives before the project moves forward to safeguard, they said, consideration of these concepts.

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