Miami officials ordered the use of pumps to oxygenate water in Biscayne Bay in response to a recent fish kill that left thousands of dead fish in the water and on shore. MATIAS J. OCNER MIAMI HERALD

FL - This is an emergency — we must act now to save our beautiful Biscayne Bay | Opinion

Mother Nature has alerted us to a crisis in Biscayne Bay, and we are listening.

While the alarming images of countless dead fish washing ashore dominated the news, the ecological emergency happening below the surface — such as seagrass die-offs, changes in biotic communities and diminishing water quality — is equally concerning.

Biscayne Bay is at a tipping point and it is in trouble. This was the Biscayne Bay Task Force’s finding. The Task Force is an advisory panel of experts whose creation I sponsored in 2019. Fortuitously coinciding with the recent fish kill, the Task Force released its report, which included 62 recommendations to Miami-Dade County Commission.

The volunteer members of the Task Force are selflessly dedicated. They immersed themselves in tackling the myriad issues affecting Biscayne Bay, for which I am filled with gratitude.

Moving forward, Miami-Dade County is ready to lead and act to restore the bay’s ecology, but we need all hands on deck.

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