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FL - Tax cut package would cripple Miami-Dade tourism industry

The state’s largest county is singled out.

The House tax cut package brings back the ever-popular sales tax holidays, trims the commercial lease tax and slashes the communications services tax.

Floridians are sure to enjoy the estimated $115 million in savings brought by HB 7097, but there’s a catch: it furthers the Florida House’s war on tourism marketing.

Nestled in the fine print are extensive changes to how tourism development tax revenues may be used. Statewide, the bill would allow those dollars to be used on water quality projects ranging from septic-to-sewer conversions to algae cleanup.

The tourism industry is opposed to the change, as it would divert money from the intended purpose of the tax — developing tourism.

Proponents argue that clean water and pristine beaches will help bring in visitors as well as any marketing campaign could. Besides, the plan only adds water quality projects to the list of options, there’s no requirement.

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