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FL - Red Tide Causing Mass Fish Kills Along Sanibel

(WBBH/NBC News Channel) – Red tide is causing mass fish kills along Sanibel, Florida.

Dead fish have been washing up along the shoreline and visitors are complaining of a pungent smell.

The health department issued red tide alerts for South Seas Plantation Beach access, Lighthouse Beach, Tarpon Bay Road Beach, Lovers Key State Park and Lynn Hall Park.

The beaches are expected to be busy over the holidays.

“It’s definitely telling us there is something happening,” said Lynn Richey. “Put my feet in the water here but I have not gone swimming. I just know when I get done, I need to rinse off immediately.”

Richey claims the outbreak is much worse than the ones she has seen in the past.

“It’s like one more thing to think about this year in terms of protecting yourself and stay safe. It’s just kind of like-of course this is happening this year,” she added.

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