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FL - Poll: Floridians want federal infrastructure plan to deal with climate change

Floridians think 'natural infrastructure' is important.

As a “dorm room debate” rages in Washington over how to define infrastructure Floridians are weighing in too. Their idea? Natural infrastructure.

The poll comes as Democrats in Washington are hoping to push through a nearly $2 trillion dollar infrastructure plan they’re calling the American Jobs Plan. The deal has so far gone nowhere in the Senate.

A new poll shows a majority of Floridians think infrastructure improvements in the plan should include measures to deal with the effects of climate change or natural infrastructure investments to build resiliency and lower the costs of climate-driven extreme weather events.

EDF Action, the advocacy partner of the Environmental Defense Fund, commissioned Morning Consult to conduct the survey.

Three-quarters of respondents support funding natural infrastructure as part of the American Jobs Plan, with 66% of independents and 53% of Republicans in favor, as well as 75% of coastal respondents and 76% of inland respondents.

Natural infrastructure solutions to reduce flood risk, such as restored beaches, wetlands and marshes, were supported by 86% of respondents, including 82% of independents, 81% of Republicans, 87% of coastal respondents and 88% of inland respondents.

A majority of respondents viewed hurricanes and flooding as a problem in the US. Nearly 80% of respondents said the costs of clean up and recovery have increased.

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