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FL - Miami’s sea level rise bill — $4 billion by 2060 — still won’t keep every neighborhood dry

So what kind of solutions does $3.8 billion buy?

MIAMI — Miami has to spend at least $3.8 billion in the next 40 years to keep the city dry from rising seas, according to a draft of the city’s long-awaited and newly released stormwater master plan.

That will buy a hundred new mega stormwater pumps, miles of 6-foot tall sea walls, thousands of injection wells and a network of underground pipes so big and wide even the tallest NBA player could stroll through them without bumping his head.

Even then, it won’t be enough to save every neighborhood. And it’s not because it’s too expensive, although that’s part of it.

“There are some areas where you run the model now and you plug in the recommended pump stations and outfalls and wells, you will find minimal to no change with hundreds of millions of infrastructure,” said Chris Bennett, the city’s deputy chief resilience officer. “There are cases where your engineering solutions just won’t provide you any benefit.”

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