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FL - Looking Back On the Great Thanksgiving Day Storm of 1984

Despite the crazy year we’ve had so far, it looks like our Thanksgiving weather will be quiet.

That was not the case just over 35 years ago with a strong storm sitting just off the east coast of Florida.

Back in 1984, Thanksgiving week started out with a front moving through Florida. This is not uncommon, but what happened next was.

The front sat stationary, stretching from Grand Bahama Island through the Florida Straits and extended toward the Yucatan Peninsula. When this occurs during tropical season, we watch for low pressure to develop along the front and potentially take on tropical characteristics.

Low pressure did develop, but it sat along the front and strengthened for days. As long as an area of low pressure is attached to fronts, it’s considered extratropical.

That’s why this storm, which mimicked the impacts of hurricane, was not named that tropical season. For four days surrounding Thanksgiving, however, it caused a lot of destruction across Florida.

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