A National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration satellite image shows a blue-green algae bloom on parts of Lake Okeechobee. via NOAA.

FL - Lake Okechobee blue-green algae bloom shrinks in size

Recent satellite images shows a shrinking blue-green algae bloom on Lake Okeechobee, but it's still too early in the summer to know whether or not a major bloom will manifest this year.

Florida Department of Environmental Protection's most recent samples show algae has been present across most of the lake in the past few weeks.

But satellite images from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration from earlier this week show blue-green algae covering less than half of Okeechobee, with the most dense patches being concentrated along the northwest shore.

On the southeast side, near Belle Glade and Pahokee, Rebecca Marsocci and her husband, Chase, own Fast Break Bait and Tackle.

Rebecca Marsocci said the water clarity is good, and that these types of blooms have always occurred on the big lake.

She wasn't surprise to hear that blue-green algae was waning on the lake as it comes and goes every year.

"There are locations where you can see a haze on the water but it hasn't affected the fishing," she said. "You could see into the water. You can see a film and it may be milky but in other areas you won’t see it all."

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