Gulf of Mexico
Cindy Holmes is a former TODAY writer from Cocoa Beach who wears a mask to walk on the beach. (Photo: Provided)

FL - I'm committed to wearing a mask to the beach; others not so much

Wearing a mask on the beach is like wearing a scarlet letter. People look at you with suspicion. They assume you are sick or afraid. Either way, you are the one with the problem.

They’re right. I am afraid and with good cause. I feel like saying, “Haven’t you read the news? People are dying all over the world from COVID-19. People are dying here too.”

Of course, I say nothing. They have a right to ignore the news, just as I have a right to pay attention and learn from it.

My husband and I were not daily beachgoers before COVID-19, but then our gym closed. Now it is the only exercise we get — a brisk three-mile walk from our condominium north along the beach and back. It’s an exercise we are likely to continue until there is a vaccine for COVID-19.

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