FL - Florida lawmakers advance fight against blue-green algae

The scum of blue-green algae was so thick and invasive in Florida two years ago that it suffocated fish by the thousands. Birds dropped dead. And people stayed out of the water.

Offshore, a toxic swarm of rust-colored flecks known as red tide killed manatees, dolphins, sea turtles and other aquatic animals, their carcasses washing ashore on beaches.

It was a one-two punch that startled environmentalists and underscored the urgency now propelling efforts in Florida's Capitol to act against algal blooms in lakes and coastal waters.

In Tallahassee, a package of proposals is wending its way through legislative committees that attempts to better control pollutant-laden runoff that nourish the blue-green algae, risking environmental havoc on ponds, lakes and the state's prized Everglades.

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