FL - Florida has the technology and skills to cope with climate change threats | Opinion

As climate change causes stronger storms and higher seas, many seawalls across the state will need to be hardened and raised.

As part of its series “The Business of Climate Change,” which highlights the climate views of business men and women throughout the state, The Invading Sea spoke with Jason Bird, Florida Resilience Practice Leader and U.S. South Water Resources Solutions Lead with Jacobs Engineering Group.

Here are some highlights from the interview.

First, can you briefly discuss your work with Jacobs in Florida?

As the Florida Resilience Lead, I bring my expertise in natural hazard and climate resilience to enhance long-term performance of infrastructure in the face of climate uncertainty.

At Jacobs, we take a holistic look at all natural, climate and man-made hazards to inform project planning and design, which ultimately reduces the cost of ownership for our clients. Our approach focuses on operational continuity via an all-hazard risk reduction and enhanced system reliability.

We are currently working with numerous public and private-sector clients here in Florida and beyond to identify and mitigate current and future risks through comprehensive and forward-looking planning, design and operations.

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