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FL - Flagler Beach dune project could be in jeopardy

The multi-year Flagler Beach dunes restoration project along State Road A1A could be in jeopardy if the county doesn’t meet requirements laid out by the Army Corps of Engineers.

The 2.6-mile project requires property owners with a parcel east of State Road A1A from South 6th Street to South 28th Street, to provide easements to the federal, state and local agencies involved so they can add sand and natural vegetation to the their dunes.

However, a number of residents refuse to sign the easement, which could prevent the $17 million project, which is fully funded with federal and state dollars, from taking place.

“Without the easement, the Army Corps won’t be able to restore the dune for that particular owner,” said Flagler County Attorney Al Hadeed. “Those properties will be cut out from the dune restoration. That presents a risk of a dune breach. It compromises the value of the dollars that are being invested by everyone in developing this protection for us.”

The county has received 118 easements; four are in progress and 19 are outstanding. The deadline is June 30, and it is unknown whether the project will be able to move forward without full participation.

Of the 19 property owners still outstanding, 12 are being represented by the law offices of John M. Leroux, located in Clearwater, Florida.

Leroux was unavailable for comment by the time of publication.