FL - Everglades Trust singles out “Big Sugar,” but letters show broad coalition opposing lower lake levels

The Everglades Foundation/Trust, never folks to let a good crisis go to waste, is at it again. This time it’s the coronavirus pandemic. Another opportunity to spin a yarn and fleece the daylights out of the anti-sugar crowd.

The Trust’s latest social media blitz, “SILENT, SNEAKY SUGAR PLAN EXPOSED!”  It’s all over Facebook — posted several times a day since Friday.

“Sugar lobbyists (are) trying to slip in language in Washington while no one is looking,” it proclaims.

“Under the cover of a global pandemic, lobbyists for the sugar cartel are trying to slip in language to the federal Water Resources & Development Act (WRDA) of 2020 that will make toxic discharges more likely and starve the Everglades and Florida Bay of the freshwater they desperately need. Certain members of Florida’s congressional delegation, including RICK SCOTT and ALCEE HASTINGS, will reserve Florida’s water for corporate agricultural use south of Lake Okeechobee to the detriment of the drinking water supply for almost 9 million Floridians, public health and our environment, especially the Everglades.”

No such thing is happening.

There is no sneak attack, no sugar-lobbyist cartel, no plan to take any more water for agriculture than is already provided for in Section 601(h)(5) of Public Law 106-541.

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