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FL - Endangered Oyster Reefs Are Given New Life By Sea & Shoreline

Florida's foremost aquatic restoration company Sea & Shoreline rehabilitated damaged oyster reefs in an effort to allow these "ecosystem engineers" to continue providing healthier environments.

Today Sea & Shoreline announced the completion of an oyster reef rehabilitation project for the City of Naples at the mouth of Rock Creek, adjacent to The Gordon River in Naples Bay. The aquatic restoration company created the reefs using 190 tons of natural oyster shell, natural coral, and limestone, making these reefs environmentally responsible versus other methods which utilize plastic mesh bags of shell.

Since the 1950's, Naples Bay has lost 80% of its oyster reefs due to development, dredging, erosion from boat wakes, and decreasing water quality.  Oyster restoration has been an ongoing effort in Naples Bay for over 10 years, and is accomplished by the placement of hard substrate on the bay bottom allowing juvenile oysters to recruit onto the reefs and eventually form new thriving reefs. The reefs will provide necessary vital habitat and food sources for many organisms, provide shoreline protection, increase coastal resiliency, as well as offer natural water filters which will help remove pollutants from the bay.  They also expand recreational opportunities, as kayakers and anglers also utilize these areas.

The project was a collaboration between Sea & Shoreline and the City of Naples, all in an effort to support conservation and environmental enhancement.

"Oyster reefs are among the most threatened habitats in the world and need our protection," said Sea & Shoreline President Carter Henne. "They provide safe and sustainable environments for aquatic ecosystems to flourish.  One adult oyster can filter up to 50 gallons of water a day, making them integral to the health of aquatic environments."

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