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Early morning fog lifts with the sun at the Hernando Beach public boat ramp. The community's Property Owners Association and local business owners have met with the community and county leaders to press their 'vision plan' for Hernando Beach, which includes promoting more tourism. [MICHELE MILLER | Michele Miller]

FL - Does Hernando Beach want more tourists? Maybe, maybe not

Community poll rejects development as a tourist destination, but a group of residents and business owners is pressing a ‘vision plan’ for just that.

Six years ago, the Hernando County Commission proposed making Hernando Beach into a tourism hub, stirring up a hornet’s nest of outrage in the coastal community.

Now, a small group of Hernando Beach residents and business owners have talked to county officials about their “vision plan” for doing exactly that. Many of their neighbors are none too happy about it.

"My fear is that this plan will be secretively and prematurely presented for inclusion in the county’s comprehensive plan, being misrepresented as having community support, as it does not,'' Jodie Pillarella wrote to county Administrator Jeff Rogers and planning department officials.

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