FL - County’s on-beach parking reopens

After approving a consent agenda that included extending the county’s state of emergency for another week, the Nassau County Board of County Commissioners voted unanimously Wednesday to lift the county’s temporary on-beach parking ban at 8 a.m. today, but with several important restrictions.

Only Nassau County residents and active duty military members will be allowed to park on the county-run beaches until further notice. The executive order issued by the county says, “Proof of Nassau County residence shall require a valid Florida Driver’s License by the driver or State of Florida identification card by an occupant of the vehicle, indicating a current Nassau County residence.” An attendant will check the licenses, identifications cards and military IDs.

The board received a detailed briefing from County Manager and Attorney Mike Mullin and Assistant County Manager Taco Pope about the plans.

Saying that the county could begin printing a type of beach-access ID card within a few weeks, Mullin said at this time the county “doesn’t have the manpower to examine deeds” for people who don’t have a license or ID to prove their residency.

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