FL - Can Cannabis Save Florida's Waterways

Hemp Research Hopes To Show Way To Defeat Green Slime

It may not be the Yankees-Dodgers, but here’s a matchup the oddsmakers should pay attention to, because the stakes are higher. Especially with the Florida economy reeling from the coronavirus.

When it comes to leeching pollutants out of the water, which plant is more voracious: toxic algae or cannabis? Or, more specifically, the kind of cannabis without the psychoactive THC – industrial hemp. The answer could be worth billions either way.

The first leg of the challenge is progressing at two small lakes in Avon Park, on one of South Florida State College’s three campuses in central Florida. And if the experiment shakes down the way entrepreneur Steve Edmonds predicts, the outcome could solve a riddle no one has been able to figure out – how to clean up an ailing Lake Okeechobee. The fix could mitigate the scourge of red tide, and starve the karenia brevis algae that fouls Florida’s waterways on a seasonal basis.

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