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FL - Business Leaders Urge Government to Address Climate Change | Opinion

As part of its series “The Business of Climate Change,” which highlights the climate views of business men and women throughout the state, The Invading Sea spoke with Keith Koenig, chairman of Broward Workshop and CEO of City Furniture.

Here are some highlights from the interview.

Tell us a little bit about Broward Workshop and what it’s doing to help the business community address climate-related problems.

Broward Workshop is a group of about 110 CEOs from some of the largest companies in Broward County, and we get together to work to enhance the business and quality of life in our community. Climate change has become one of our key priorities, and we’re really addressing it from the economics of resiliency and the economics of climate change.

What are some of the most critical concerns businesses in South Florida have in regard to climate change? How are they working to solve them?

Risk is the intersection of frequency and severity of events, and the insurance underwriters around the world are looking at South Florida and recognizing that we’re a dangerous place as we continue to build in a coastal region.

So, the message we’re getting from them is: If you don’t do anything about it over the next few years, you run a grave risk of having your flood insurance costs go up. You’ll have property insurance costs going up. And most risky of all, we may see a change in the environment of 20- and 30-year mortgages, and that could be nothing short of catastrophic.

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