FL - BROWN: Hutchinson Island

Hutchinson Island, located on the east coast of Florida, is a long, thin barrier island that stretches from Fort Pierce to Stuart, Fla.

There are miles of beautiful, sandy beaches to enjoy with free public beach access on this down-to-earth island along with cultural events and activities for the whole family to enjoy.”

It is a lengthy drive, but the precise driving skills of Chet made it an enjoyable ride. It is worth the trip, you will be glad you invested the time to visit the location called paradise.

I traveled with Ronnie Layson from Gray, his sister Ophelia, “Fifi,” and her husband Chet Burchfield from Macon. They have enjoyed the Vistana Beach Club for twenty summers. The riding time passed quicker because Fifi and I are the same age; we enjoy cooking similar food and sharing stories about our precious family.

We spent endless hours basking in the sun, listening to our music, enjoying the surf and hunting for unusual souvenirs from the sea. We watched the representative from the Ecological Services as she patrolled the beach each morning searching for turtle tracks. She roped off the areas with three wooden spikes wrapped with orange tape, dated the sticks and recorded the pertinent information in her logbook.

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