Lannis Waters / Palm Beach Daily News

FL - Ask the Mayor: Coastal Management Vital to the Island

The town has established a coastal management program to provide long-term storm protection, while also offering recreational benefits.

Sand naturally moves down the beach from north to south, the town's framework for the program includes "feeder beaches," repetitive dune restoration, optimal operation of the sand transfer plant and inlet dredging by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, all designed to continually add sand for maximum benefit for the 12-mile coastline.

The purpose of the sand volume is to reduce the wave action as it approaches the beach, thereby acting as a natural line of defense.

What are the projects?

The cement-fortified building on the north side of the inlet pumps sand through underwater pipes directly onto the north end beach. The Corps is required by federal law to maintain navigability of the inlet, which requires dredging of the harbor channel, and settling basins.

[We aim to] further our partnership with the Corps to construct and maintain the Mid-Town Beach Renourishment Project, which includes a long-term federal funding commitment, and periodically constructing the Phipps Ocean Park Beach Nourishment Project coupled with rebuilding the dunes.

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