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FL - A record number of manatees already dead in Florida: “They are starving”

A record number of manatees have already died Florida Body of water – at least 841 since the beginning of the year.

According to state fish and wildlife commission statistics, dead manatees make up about 10% of the total population and are home to about 8,810 animals.

With five months left, it has already surpassed the record number of deaths to date. In 2013, 830 manatees died annually. The high death toll that year was due to the outbreak of toxic red tide, an outbreak of harmful algae.

The Advocacy Group’s Defenders of Wildlife Axios A shocking number of deaths occurred this year as manatees moved to warm coastal waters earlier this winter due to the cold.

When they arrived in these coastal waters, pollution and blue-green algae destroyed seagrass beds and starved manatees.

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