Five of the World's Scariest Surf Spots

Like a horror movie, but real life…

Do you remember your first scary movie? I do. It was the Blair Witch Project and my 10-year-old friends and I had no idea it was fake – a mockumentary, if you will. And that naiveté spawned a protracted and irrational fear of the woods because, of course, all the children-snatching Satan-worshippers out there.

But alas, there was no Blair Witch. There is, however, some real-life horrors perhaps even scarier than urban legend witches. Taxes, telemarketers, running out of toilet paper, forgetting passwords are just a few terrors, which come to mind. And that’s just the everyday stuff. When it comes to serious, life-or-death evil, there’s plenty of that in the ocean – from toothy creatures, to heavy-water deathtraps. Yet people still go in the water.

So, for those horror movie cinephiles out there, we comprised this cocktail of real-life nightmare fuel, with a surfing twist. Read full article.