Europe - Concerns over slowdown of global aquaculture growth

The reduction in the speed of global aquaculture growth from up to 10 percent per year to only 2 percent in 2018 should be a major cause for concern.

So argues the Federation of European Aquaculture Producers (FEAP) in a statement reacting to the recent publication of the FAO’s latest State of World Fisheries and Aquaculture (SOFIA) report.

SOFIA 2020, FEAP observes, notes that worldwide total aquaculture harvest in 2018 reached an all-time record of 114.5 million tonnes. Finfish production dominated (54.3 million tonnes), followed by algae (32.4 million tonnes), molluscs (17.7 million tonnes) and crustaceans (9.4 million tonnes).

However, the statement explains: “These impressive quantities should not mask the fact that the global annual growth rate of aquaculture has greatly declined over the last years. After decades of 6% to 10% interannual growth rates, 2018 has seen an increase of only 2.0% over 2017. Two decades ago Europe already walked that path in advance and, since the turn of the century, aquaculture production in almost all European countries has stagnated.”

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