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EU - Confirmed: EU Aims for 300+ GW of Offshore Wind by 2050

The European Commission presented the EU Offshore Renewable Energy Strategy today, 19 November, which sets a target for 300 GW of offshore wind by 2050, confirming the reports over the past several days.

The strategy, part of the EU Green Deal, also sets out a goal for 40 GW of ocean energy and other emerging technologies by 2050, which could further add to the target for wind energy at sea, as the Commission included floating wind in this part of the strategy.

By the end of the next decade, the EU is planned to have 60 GW of installed offshore wind capacity.

According to the strategy, having at least 60 GW of offshore wind and at least 1 GW of ocean energy by 2030, and 300 GW of offshore wind and 40 GW of ocean energy by 2050 is realistic and achievable.

To meet these targets, the EU Commission estimates that an investment of nearly EUR 800 billion will be needed until 2050.

This encompasses setting up a supportive legal framework, mobilising all relevant funds to support the sector’s development, and strengthening the supply chain. For the latter, the new strategy underlines the need to improve manufacturing capacity and port infrastructure, and to increase the appropriately skilled workforce to sustain higher installation rates.

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