West Coast
Erosion Protection: An armored sea cliff vs. an unarmored sea cliff. Photo / Courtesy of Ben Leshchinsky

ENVIRONMENT: Coast weather may increase bluff erosion, landslides

The News Guard is providing a series of reports about the Oregon Coast environment.

Our first report, illustrated state officials concerns about increasing beach erosion.

In this second report, Steve Lundeberg, public information representatives at Oregon State University, outlines the erosion impact along the coast from extreme storms.

Unstable slopes on Oregon’s coastline could see a 30 percent jump in landslide movements if extreme storms become frequent enough to increase seacliff erosion by 10 percent, a new study by Oregon State University shows.

For many slope failures traversing Highway 101, these cliffs form the base of active slides that already move a little every year, said the study’s corresponding author, Ben Leshchinsky, a forest engineering and civil engineering researcher at OSU.

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