Elkhorn Slough Foundation Makes Progress on Sand Hill Farm

MOSS LANDING — Bright morning sun filters through low hanging fog, illuminating the sparkling slough and the white feathers on a regal egret in the distance. Commuters creep by on Highway 1, between Elkhorn Slough and Moss Landing Harbor. Mark Silberstein, director of the Elkhorn Slough Foundation, says the last time he stood at this same viewpoint he could see a whale breach.

Silberstein stands on sand, not at the beach, but at Sand Hill Farm, where Elkhorn Slough Foundation is restoring 107 acres of former farmland to its natural state. Fifteen of these acres will be leased by an organic farmer as soon as this spring.

“This is, really in the future, a gateway to some of the beautiful lands in the Elkhorn Slough watershed,” Silberstein motions over the valley, where bobcats, coyotes, and hawks find shelter.

His ultimate vision for this land is “to have this mix of healthy farms, healthy family, healthy food coming off this place.”

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