Dredging Projects on the Coast Affected by Hurricane Florence: Beach Nourishment Projects Prove to Be Important Factor in Mitigating Damage

Hurricane Florence came ashore in North Carolina on September 15 disrupting lives and turning parts of the Carolinas into inaccessible islands. With dredging projects underway in areas from South Carolina to New York, contractors had to make decisions on if and when to pack it up and head to safety.

Once the storm passed, beach nourishments that were underway had to be resurveyed to determine if more sand was needed and contracts had to be adjusted, and then contractors had to remobilize and start again.

Great Lakes Dredge and Dock was working in Myrtle Beach when Hurricane Florence hit and had to move about 25,000 feet of pipe, five loaders and two dredges to safe locations. Marinex was further south in Folly Beach and removed approximately 15,000 linear feet of pipe along with front loaders, back hoes and dredges. That demobilization took about two days and getting back up after the storm took about a week. Despite the delays, though, both projects remain on schedule, largely attributable to sound planning.

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