DOM REP - Hundreds of fish die in all coasts of Sabana de la Mar and Miches

Hundreds of fish of all species died and were dragged last Friday to the coastal coast of the municipality of Sabana de la Mar in Hato Mayor until reaching Miches, in El Seibo, for unknown causes.

The person in charge of the Environment of Samaná, Frank Rodríguez, said that they have already reported the situation to the National Directorate of Protected Areas to see if they will send a technical commission to study the case since it is also happening on all the coasts of the municipality of Miches.

“We don’t know what is causing this problem, we have already reported it to see if they will send us the technicians and evaluate what is causing the death of the fish,” he said.

He explained that in previous years the same situation has occurred and said that maybe it is the result of some chemical that has been thrown or because of the seaweed that is in great quantity and is suffocating the fish.

He said that since last Friday, they had noticed a large number of fish of all species dying.

The alderman of Sabana de la Mar, Luis López, supposes that this problem is caused by chemicals that reach the sea through the Yuna river, and this causes the fish to go “crazy” and die.

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