Source: DLBA Naval Architects

VA - DLBA Naval Architects Designs SATV for US Offshore Wind Market

Virginia-based DLBA Naval Architects has developed a concept Service Accommodation and Transfer Vessel (SATV) for the US offshore wind market.

The 120’ SATV is conceived as a possible alternative to traditional North Sea crew transfer vessel (CTV) designs, specifically developed for the US market and concept of operations.

According to DLBA Naval Architects, the US offshore wind farms are typically further offshore than the EU counterparts, the predominant sea states are different, and different environmental restrictions impact vessel design and operation.

The opportunity exists to develop a new type of vessel specifically suited for the US market in order to reduce the total cost of energy.

The SATV concept presents a change in the paradigm for the delivery of wind farm service technicians to offshore wind farms via CTVs.

In the proposed operational model, the larger vessel would make one transit to and from the wind farms once a week, instead of daily transits.

The vessel is sufficiently sized to stay on site for extended periods, and outfit appropriately to allow the service technicians to sleep onboard overnight, the company said.