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Delaware: $25 Million Wetlands Project Will Curb Flooding, Create New Parkland

Yesterday Delaware officials broke ground for the $25 million construction of the long-awaited South Wilmington Wetlands Park. The 20-acre wetlands project will create a stormwater management facility that will help to reduce flooding, restore and enhance existing wetlands, and create a new open recreational space for the Southbridge community and all citizens to enjoy.

“This project is a big deal for Wilmington,” said the Mayor, “especially for the residents of the Southbridge community and other parts of South Wilmington, which have had to deal with persistent, damaging flooding for far too long. I’m sure that the South Wilmington Wetlands Park will make a huge difference for this part of the City. It won’t solve all of our high-water problems, but it will help to mitigate these issues and provide a beautiful park for everyone to enjoy. I express my sincere thanks to the Southbridge community leaders such as Marvin Thomas and Marie Reed, and government officials who have worked together since before 2006 to bring this concept to reality. About a year from now, we will gather again to celebrate the opening of the new park.”

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