Stomach, containing ropes and other marine debris. The multiple small black 'beaks' are from squid, sperm whales usual prey.

Dead Sperm Whale with 220 Pounds of Plastic in this Stomach Found on Scottish Beach

A sperm whale found beached on Luskentyre Beach, Scotland, last week had a huge ball in its stomach made up of 220 pounds of human junk—including bundles of rope, sections of net and plastic debris.

"It was desperately sad, especially when you saw the fishing nets and debris that came out of its stomach," local resident Dan Parry told the BBC.

The whale was a young 20-tonne male found on the sandbanks of Harris, a Hebridean island off the northwest coast of Scotland. It was only dead for two days before it was located by members of the Scottish Marine Animal Strandings Scheme, however, it was starting to decompose "incredibly quickly"—a process sped up by the heat retained by its blubber.

"Just on our way back from a stunning (it was on Luskentyre beach), fascinating, briefly alarming (it sort of exploded) and shameful (there was a load of marine debris in its stomach) sperm whale necropsy on Harris this weekend," the Scottish Marine Animal Strandings Scheme, a part of the Cetacean Strandings Investigation Programme (CSIP) in the U.K., said in a Facebook post.

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