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DE - Why We're Offering a Reward to Catch the Delaware Bay Oil Spill Culprit | Opinion

Delaware Audubon Society wants an accounting of the environmental calamity in the Delaware Bay.

DAS is offering a reward of $2,000 for information leading to the identity of the party responsible for the oil discharge first discovered on Oct.19 at Broadkill Beach. The total volume of the discharge has been estimated at around 250 barrels — but that amount remains unconfirmed, complicating cleanup efforts.

It is alarming that the party responsible for the discharge did not immediately report it to the Environmental Protection Agency or to our state environmental agency, the  Department of Natural Resources and Environmental Control. The delay in the discovery resulted in oily material washing up on 60 miles of coastline, increasing the hazards to wildlife and the costs of cleanup.

Had the discharge been reported immediately, early containment might have been possible utilizing the services of the Delaware Bay and River Cooperative. The concealment resulted in widespread and unnecessary environmental contamination, impacting beaches at Prime Hook National Wildlife Refuge and reaching as far as Ocean City, Maryland.

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