RK&K consultant Jim Eisenhardt shows the wetland buffers committee how many iterations of a new ordinance have been drafted over the past 13 months. RON MACARTHUR PHOTOS

DE - Sussex wetland buffers group still at odds over final draft

After more than a year of meetings, a Sussex County Council-appointed wetland buffers committee still does not have an updated ordinance to present to county officials. And the COVID-19 health crisis has delayed further action for the foreseeable future.

During a March 4 meeting, group members were given another draft ordinance. “We have some updates based on your feedback. It represents a lot of tweaks you wanted addressed,” said Sussex County Administrator Todd Lawson.

But as it turned out, the most recent version met with some of the same debate as previous versions. Some group members were so disappointed with a new section relating to selective cutting in buffers, they wanted it totally revamped or removed from the proposed ordinance.

Lawson said the group should be proud how it has addressed new regulations for buffers, but he admitted that consensus on several other issues, including drainage, has not been achieved.

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