DE - Lewes pushes congressional delegation for Cape Shores replenishment project

LEWES, Del. - At a Sept. 11 Lewes City Council meeting, councilmembers voted unanimously to send a letter to the Delaware State Congressional Delegation to request replenishment for Cape Shores Beach.

Cape Shores is located just over one mile from Savannah Beach and downtown Lewes, but it is not included in the federal beach replenishment project that takes place every three or four years on the main beach.

Councilmember Khalil Saliba said maintaining all of the beaches is essential for the future of the state.

"If we don't have beaches for people to swim, surf, you know, paddle board and those kind of things, it's going to have a real negative impact on our on our economy," he said.

Portions of the beach at Cape Shores are eroded and skinny, leaving only a small portion to lay out.

Resident Ray Woods said the homeowners associations funds its own replenishment in the area yearly, but it has lead to a costly fee for people who live there.

"Ya know, it's tough to to shoulder all that financial responsibility," Woods said.

Saliba said the hope is that the project could be included in the 2024 Water Resources Development Act. The project will not be included in the upcoming beach replenishment project in Lewes.

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