An empty Seven Mile Beach as seen from the sky. via Cayman Compass

CYM - Editorial: The chance to build a better Cayman

It is easy to throw uplifting quotes at a crisis, telling people that, if only they look hard enough, there will be an opportunity hidden somewhere.

For some, few experiences will have changed lives like the COVID-19 pandemic. No travel, no personal contact, no schools, no help with childcare, no services, no income. We all recognise some or perhaps all the effects that the lockdown has caused.

Cautious, sensible decision-making has helped Cayman avoid the most tragic consequences of the coronavirus crisis.

This unprecedented time has offered an opportunity for many to reflect on what is truly important.

Sometimes you don’t know what you have got ‘til it’s gone. And the restrictions on beach access, on socialising with friends and family and on fishing and diving, reminded us how important these simple things are to our way of life.

We recognise that Utopian thinking must be tempered with a sufficient dose of real-world practicality. While half of the population will be on ‘staycation’ over the holiday weekend, enjoying the charms of Cayman without the crowds, the other half is still in survival mode.

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