County Commissioners Spend Millions to Buy Beach Front Property in South Walton

SANTA ROSA BEACH, Fla. - In Walton County, beach front property is hard to come by along the Panhandle, and in South Walton, it's an even hotter commodity. Walton County Commissioners are looking to scoop up millions of dollars of sand as fast as they can. In the heat of the public verse private beach battle, Walton Commissioners are in the buyers market. The tourist development council has $8.5 million dollars left in their budget. Each parcel bought will be use for public beach access or parking to facilitate further access.

Two properties were voted to moved forward, getting one step closer to the purchase. One parcel is known as. The Highland House. It's going for $3 Million.

The other parcel is in Seacrest and, it is being sold at $4.3 dollars. The commissioners did receive some push back from residents.

"The push back is that, our homeowners who live in the areas will be effected by beach parcels, by beach accesses. And so, we understand that at the TDC and we try to work with the home owners when we try to go develop a site. But, it's really important that we have access to our beaches," said Jay Tusa, Visit South Walton, Tourist Development Director.

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