Coastal Care

Coastal Resources Commission adopts sandbag rule changes

With the final adoption of amendments to sandbag rules during the Coastal Resources Commission meeting in November, some difficulties should be eased for waterfront property owners and Division of Coastal Management staff.

The CRC proposed changing the rules to comply with a 2015 legislative mandate related to the management of temporary erosion control structures, or sandbags, along oceanfront and estuarine shorelines, as well as include changes recommended by the CRC, Coastal Resources Advisory Council and local and government agencies, according to the fiscal analysis of the changes.

“The amendments will provide uniformity in administration of sandbag rules while still serving to protect life and property from the hazardous forces indigenous to the Atlantic shoreline,” according to the analysis.

Mike Lopazanski, policy and planning section chief with the Division of Coastal Management, said, “After much discussion and trying to incorporate the wishes of the general assembly, the CRAC, the CRC, stakeholders, we’ve come to the proposed amendments for the implementation of sandbags as temporary erosion control.”

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