West Coast
Comparison of automated and digitized cliff top and base (toe) metrics in Del Mar, California, overlain on high-resolution lidar-derived digital elevation model as part of a Coastal National Elevation Database (CoNED) Applications Project. (Credit: Monica Palaseanu-Lovejoy, U.S. Geological Survey. Public domain.)

Californai: Coastal City Refuses to Retreat

A major showdown looms over how aggressively California cities will confront sea level rise

A battle over how aggressively California beach cities must plan for sea-level rise is headed for a major showdown, one that could send reverberations up and down the state’s coast.

The California Coastal Commission will decide next week whether Del Mar, a beach town in San Diego County, needs to overhaul its climate adaptation plans. The city submitted a blueprint to the state commission with plans to add sand to beaches, build a levee near a river and make homes more flood-resistant.

The city’s biggest statement, however, focused on what it won’t do. Del Mar rejected the idea of “managed retreat” as an option for dealing with rising seas by removing beachfront homes (Climatewire, Oct. 2, 2018). That came after the state commission asked local governments to look at it as an adaptation strategy.

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