Tauganga Beachfront Development in Australia

Climate change experts agree on the last place they‘d invest for the future: waterfront property

Waterfront property might seem like the ultimate luxury; an asset to pass down for generations to enjoy.

When Business Insider asked three experts about by their knowledge about climate change, it quickly became clear they agree on a long-term investment they‘ll skip: that house on the beach.

As Business Insider‘s Aria Bendix reports, $1.5 billion worth of property in Hilton Head, South Carolina, and Charleston, South Carolina has already seen homes drop about $266 million in value since 2005.

“Climate change is going to show up everywhere,” says Heidi Roop, lead scientist for science communication at University of Washington.

For her and her husband, a glaciologist, climate change is a big part of the discussion on where they‘d want to buy a home or live in the future.

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