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Clean Marina Programs Report Slight Increase for 2019

With a history stemming back into the 1990’s, Clean Marina builds awareness and recognition of marinas that are following best practices and regulatory requirements to help sustain and improve the environment. Each year Marina Dock Age surveys state Clean Marina program managers to track Clean Marina program numbers, what new programs have been implemented, and the overall state of the programs. Results this year show Clean Marina is maintaining a presence, but expansion is slowing.

The total number of Clean Marinas across the country grew slightly this past year, led by states like Florida and Maryland that were pioneers of the original program. See the large chart on this page for a state by state breakdown.
Clean Marina programs are continuing to both certify and recertify facilities that voluntarily comply with the aspects of the program.

Clean Marina began along the East Coast fueled by funding from the Coastal Zone Management Act, but has since spread to all areas of the country. What hasn’t spread is the funding. This year the majority of program managers (85.7%) report 2019 funding has stayed the same, compared to the previous year.