City of Encinitas receives sand to replenish its beach

The City of Encinitas will receive 45,000 cubic yards of sand just south of Ponto State Beach as a result of the Encinitas Beach Hotel Project. The city's Opportunistic Beach Fill Program finds opportunities to obtain beach-quality sand from upland or dredging projects in the region.

The sand placement started last week and will continue through the end of February. The sand is a great match for Encinitas beaches, as it is from the same sandstone that has nourished the City's beaches for decades. The sand will cover currently exposed beach cobble, improving our local beach environment.

Although the color of the new sand doesn't currently match the existing sand, the waves and tide will eventually allow the fines to wash out leaving behind larger grained particles, allowing the sand to blend with native beach sand. The sand will be placed along the shoreline at Batiquitos State Beach and wave action will spread the material into the existing sand. It will gradually migrate south to Leucadia, Moonlight, and Cardiff beaches.

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