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CI - Cayman Islands Activists Join Global Group for Cruise Industry Change

Community members from the Cayman Islands will join the September 2 launch of the Global Cruise Activist Network, a worldwide group of activists who are demanding the cruise industry doesn’t return to business-as-usual as cruise ships start sailing again after the COVID-19 pandemic.

In a press virtual press conference set for Wednesday, September 2, port communities from around the world will talk about the ways the cruise industry impacts their communities and how they want cruise companies to change.

These port communities include the Cayman Islands; Southampton, UK; Venice, Italy; Charleston, South Carolina; Monterey, California; and Hoonah, Alaska.

The group is expected to introduce a global set of guidelines called the 'Principles of Responsible Cruise Tourism' they want companies to follow before cruise ships start sailing again.

The virtual press conference, which kicks off at 2pm, Cayman Time (GMT-5), will also be live-streamed on Facebook at

The group said that for decades, the cruise industry’s business practices have put the social fabric, economic integrity, public health, and environment of host communities — as well as passengers, crew, coastal and marine ecosystems, and the climate — at risk.

"The latest example of this — the industry’s mishandling of the COVID-19 pandemic — shows that the industry is unwilling to protect the public interest without legally binding regulations," the group said.

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