Carteret County gets $5M for beach nourishment from state

EMERALD ISLE, North Carolina — All the funds are in place for the planned Bogue Banks beach nourishment project in late winter and early spring, as the county has received the contract for a $5 million appropriation from the state. Greg Rudolph, manager of the County Shore Protection Office, said Thursday he was pleased to have the state money in hand for the $20.1 million project in eastern Emerald Isle, Salter Path and Indian Beach.

“We received a fully executed contract from the state Department of Environmental Quality this week,” he said.

NCDEQ actually provided the money to the state’s Coastal Storm Damage Mitigation Fund, as required under state law, which then sends it to the county.

“We were encouraged to go ahead and request the $5 million (from the fund) as a lump sum payment, which we have done,” Mr. Rudolph said. “This is good news administratively speaking, (because) reimbursement grants can be more cumbersome.”

The $5 million will be placed in the county’s beach nourishment fund, then doled out to Indian Beach, Emerald Isle and the county’s general fund, based on the amount of sand each entity (Salter Path is unincorporated and thus under county jurisdiction) is to receive, to help defray their share of the cost of the project.

Mr. Rudolph said getting the state money is a coup for the county.

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