Yinji Li spent a month on the Great Northern Peninsula and considers it a highlight of her time in Newfoundland, including this visit to St. Lunaire-Griquet. CONTRIBUTED PHOTO

Canada - Newfoundland fishery fascinates marine social scientist from Japan

A university professor from Japan is packing quite a lot into her yearlong sabbatical in Newfoundland, exploring how people in rural parts of the province continue to make a living from the fishery.

Experienced when it comes to meeting people from small fishing communities throughout East Asia, Yinji Li usually finds the people she meets to be friendly, and says Newfoundland has been no exception.

"People say Newfoundlanders, they will cook all day for a neighbour in a crisis," she said. "One day, my research can make things better in fishing communities."

Li is an associate professor with the school of marine science and gechnology at Tokai University in Tokyo. She is a marine social scientist with a background in economics, fisheries science and marine science. Her research generally focuses on small-scale fisheries, looking at coastal fisheries governance, community-based management and capacity-building within the fishing community.

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